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Reference Library: 1996 Colored Vinyl Singles

From: (EgwEimi)
Subject: new colored vinyl singles
Date: 12 Mar 1996 12:26:07 -0500

The Beatles 1996 Colored Vinyl Singles
-Frank Daniels

In 1996, Capitol followed up their earlier (1993) release of 45's on colored vinyl with another set of singles, again on colored vinyl. What follows is a fairly detailed analysis of those singles, which are still available at the time of this writing.

S7-????? "Norwegian Wood" (number not known to me)

This green vinyl single is reportedly available only through certain dealers (such as "Collectors' Choice" in the USA). These dealers report further that only 1000 copies of the single are being pressed.

S7-18889 "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away"/"I've Just Seen a Face"

The a-side has the inscription (p) 1987 and is the digital remix, while the b-side does not give a date. Both sides are in stereo, and the single is on gold vinyl.

S7-18890 "Magical Mystery Tour"/"Fool On the Hill"

Both sides read (p) 1987, but the b-side is in mono while the a-side is stereo. The single is on gold vinyl.

S7-18891 "Across the Universe"/"Two of Us"

The a-side label reads (p) 1987. Both sides are in stereo. The b-side features the intro that is on the Let It Be album, "I dig a pygmy...." The record is on clear vinyl.

S7-18892 "While My Guitar Gently Weeps"/"Blackbird"

The a-side label reads (p) 1987. Both sides are in stereo. The a-side is faded in, so we don't hear the "eh-up" intro. The b-side starts with an ever-so-brief bit of the gibberish that precedes "Blackbird" on the Beatles album. Blue vinyl.

S7-18893 "It's All Too Much"/"Only a Northern Song"

Both sides are in stereo/mock, as on Yellow Submarine. The a-side is slightly faded at the end. The single is on blue vinyl.

S7-18894 "Nowhere Man"/"What Goes On"

The a-side label reads (p) 1987, and both sides appear to be the digital remixes--with "What Goes On" it's not so easy to tell. This pairing is like that of an earlier US single. Here, it is featured on green vinyl.

S7-18895 "We Can Work It Out"

Both sides are the remixes of 1988 and say so on the label. Both sides are in stereo. The single is on pink vinyl.

S7-18896 "Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds"/"When I'm 64"

The a-side label reads (p) 1987. The b-side begins with part of a note from the end of "Within You; Without You," which precedes "When I'm 64" on the Sgt. Pepper LP. This record is on red vinyl, and both sides are in stereo.

S7-18897 "Here, There, and Everywhere"/"Good Day Sunshine"

Both sides are in stereo on this gold vinyl single.

S7-18898 "Long and Winding Road"/"For You Blue"

The a-side label reads (p) 1987. Both songs are in stereo as on the Let It Be album, with the b-side starting with the "Queen says 'no'..." quip. The single is on blue vinyl, naturally. This pairing was the first release by the Beatles in the USA after the group's breakup.

S7-18899 "Got to Get You Into My Life"/"Helter Skelter"

Both songs are in stereo. This record was originally released in 1976 in conjunction with the Rock and Roll Music LP. Here, the single appears on gold vinyl.

S7-18900 "Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da"/"Julia"

The a-side label reads (p) 1987. The a-side recording ends with a chuckle. This record was originally released in the USA in 1976. Now, it appears on clear vinyl. Both songs are in stereo.

S7-18901 "Yesterday"/"Act Naturally"

The a-side label reads (p) 1987. The a-side is the digital remix. The a-side here is stereo, while the b-side appears in mono. The single was originally released in the USA in 1965, when it shot to #1. Here, the single is on pink vinyl.

S7-18902 "Paperback Writer"/"Rain"

The a-side label reads (p) 1988. Both sides of the single are in mono on this red vinyl single.

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