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Dear Sir or Madam...

The John Lennon Series
by Jude Southerland Kessler

Hello, Goodbye

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Millions of words have been written about them. Thousands on thousands of pictures have been printed. All in an effort to capture for fans the world over the fascinating truth and substance about four wonderful guys from Livepool named John, George, Paul and Ringo.

Here, at last, is the whole story and the real story about the Beatles, authoritatively researched, produced and recorded on two lively long-play records. The most comprehensive coverage yet on the Beatles from the beginning to their fabulous fame today.

It's like spending a very special evening in the company of the Beatles themselves!

You Can't Do That
What happened to the original recording masters of She Loves You and the subsequent recording of Sie Liebt Dich is one of the biggest mysteries in the recording history and lore of the Beatles. Was the master recording really lost before Sie Liebt Dich was recorded?

She Loves You
       There is a myth about the way "She Loves You" was composed, that it happened somewhat miraculously, in one day. In Anthology, Paul talks about the long hours he and John spent together on the Roy Orbison Tour in 1963 writing a song, "From Me To You". But the dates show that can't be right.

In My Life
A review of the ground-breaking book Should Been There by Jude Southerland Kessler, the first book in a nine-book series that tells the life story of John Lennon, and traces the events that motivated his desire to become a famous rock star and the day-by-day activities of the early Beatles.

Kansas City/Hey Hey Hey Hey
       In the story of how the Beatles came to America, like any legendary tale, myths have crept in to distort what really happened, and as time moves on, we move further and further away from the truth of what really happened. Noted Beatles author Bruce Spizer sets the record straight.

Tell Me What You See
On Sunday, Feb. 9, 1964, over 73 million Americans gathered around TV sets to see The Beatles' first live appearance on American television. For 40 years, the story of The Beatles on Sullivan has been told in countless books, articles and documentaries, but often with myths and misinformation.

Sexy Sadie
The time that John, Paul, George and Ringo spent at the Ashram in India, in 1968, was the single most creative period in their illustrious careers, but the real reason they went to India was to find inner peace. Author Paul Saltzman shares Beatles memories from his book The Beatles In India.

Ferry Cross The Mersey
Bill Harry, Beatles' friend and founder of Mersey Beat, tells the story of Liverpool College of Art in 1958, when the students would go over to Ye Cracke pub for a beer and he got to know an extremely talented student, Stuart Sutcliffe, and a new student, John Lennon.

Lend Me Your Comb
In their first interview for a major British publication, London's Evening Standard, journalist Maureen Cleave mentioned their 'weird' hair. However, it caused a sensation when the Beatles arrived in America in 1964. Bill Harry dispels the myths and documents the history of the Beatles hairstyle.

Three Cool Cats
At one point, Pete Best was the most popular member of the group among the majority of Liverpool fans. In fact, in 1962, Mersey Beat said he was "a figure with mystique, darkly good-looking and seemingly the one likely to emerge as the most popular Beatle." Bill Harry tells the story of the soon-to-be ex-Beatle.

What Goes On
Using a very easy method to hear sounds that are buried in stereo recordings, students of Beatles music can peel away a layer of the music to be able to hear what was underneath. This is a look at what can be uncovered in the recent Beatles Capitol Albums CDs.

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