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Reference Library: Covert Art Awards

From: (NealK)
Subject: Re: Best Cover Art?
Date: 9 Jan 1996 09:19:15 -0500

I haven't seen this discussed here before, so I'll ask: Which Beatles album do you think has the best art on the album cover?

for its photography: With The Beatles
for its promotional bang-for-the-buck: Capitol's The Beatles' Second Album
for its high anticipation: Capitol's Something New
for its whimsy: Capitol's Beatles '65
for its promotional understatement: Capitol's Beatles VI
for its best recreation of the spirit of a movie: Capitol's Help!
for its philosophic undertones: Rubber Soul
for its sheer creative genius: Sgt. Pepper
for its metaphysical undertones: Revolver
for its truth in advertising: Capitol's The Early Beatles
for its lack of truth-in-advertising: Capitol's "butcher cover'"
    Yesterday... And Today
for its "on second thought..." approach: Capitol's Yesterday... And Today
for its take-off on film sprockets: A Hard Day's Night
for its trojan-horse innocence: Please Please Me
for its something-to-look-at-with-every-turn: Beatles For Sale
for its utter misdirection: Rock 'n' Roll Music
for its guaranteeing "Paul is dead" clues for the next 500 years: Abbey
for its going 360 degrees in the other direction: The Beatles (White
for its "they have blue, so we'll have red" approach: UA's A Hard Day's
for its ignorance on semaphore signals: Help!
for its "well, it's sort of psychedelic, isn't it?" approach: Magical
    Mystery Tour
for its bold attempt to be artistic in America: Vee-Jay's Introducing The
for its lack of creativity: Parlophone's Rarities
for its "hey, at least it's better than Parlophone's" approach: Capitol's
for it's best use of a horrible photograph: Love Songs
for it's nice use of type: 20 Greatest Hits
for it's "what do you mean they don't look like the Beatles" approach:
    Reel Music
for its censorship: Capitol's Yellow Submarine
for its "we desparately need a long vacation" approach: Let It Be
for its high reminiscence and "Pete who?" approach: Anthology
for its perfect mod look: Parlophone's A Collection of Oldies... But
for its period recreation look: Live At The BBC!
for its best use of an idea that didn't happen: The Beatles 1962-1966,

LOL! All in good fun. Sort of. :-)


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