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Reference Library: Songs The Beatles Gave Away

From: CuCullin
Organization: Rice University
Newsgroups: rec.music.beatles
Subject: Beatle Lost Song List
Date: 9 Nov 1994 19:47:07 GMT

Here is a list of the songs John Lennon and Paul McCartney gave to other artists during the Beatle years:

1. I'll Be On My Way (Billy J. Kramer and the Dakotas) (04/26/63)

2. Bad To Me (Billy J. Kramer and the Dakotas) (07/26/63) Both of the latter songs were produced by George Martin.

3. Tip Of My Tongue (Tommy Quickly) (07/30/63)

4. Hello Little Girl (The Fourmost) (08/30/63) Produced by George Martin

5. Love Of The Loved (Cilla Black) (09/27/63) Produced by George Martin

6. I'll Keep You Satisfied (Billy J. Kramer/Dakotas) (11/11/63) Produced by George Martin

7. I'm In Love (The Fourmost) (11/15/63) Produced by George Martin

8. World Without Love (Peter & Gordon) (02/28/64)

9. Like Dreamers Do (The Applejacks) (05/05/64)

10. One And One Is Two (The Strangers & Mike Shannon) (05/08/64)

11. Nobody I Know (Peter & Gordon) (05/27/64)

12. From A Window (Billy J. Kramer/Dakotas) (07/17/64) Produced by George Martin (McCartney was present at time of recording, though he is given no credit in the production.)

13. It's For You (Cilla Black) (07/31/64) Produced by George Martin

14. I Don't Want To See You Again (Peter & Gordon) (09/11/64)

15. That Means A Lot (P.J. Proby) (09/17/65)

16. You've Got To Hide Your Love Away (The Silkie) (09/20/64) Produced by John Lennon and Paul McCartney. (This song wasn't really given away because it did appear on the HELP! LP/CD/CS with The Beatles performing it. But I included this version (the song is performed by a British folk-rock band) because both John and Paul produced it together without George Martin's help, and, furthermore, McCartney played rhythm on the blessed thing.)

17. Woman (Peter & Gordon) (02/11/66)

18. Got To Get You Into My Life (Cliff Bennett and the Rebels) (08/05/66) Like entry #16, this is of interest because it was produced by Paul McCartney, and was released the same day as the REVOLVER LP in the U.K.

19. Theme From The Family Way (The George Martin Orchestra) (12/23/66) Produced by George Martin

20. Catcall (The Chris Barber Band) (10/20/67) (Paul is present at this session and can be heard among the chorus in the songs' wild ending.)

21. Step Inside Love (Cilla Black) (03/08/68) Produced by George Martin

22. Thingumybob (John Fosters and Sons LTD. Black Dyke Mills Band) (09/06/68) Produced by Paul McCartney

23. Badge (Cream) (02/05/69) (This song was written by George Harrison and Eric Clapton)

24. Sour Milk Sea (Jackie Lomax) (03/21/69) Produced and written by George Harrison. The song also features George, Paul, and Ringo backing up Lomax as a band.

25. Goodbye (Mary Hopkin) (03/28/69) Produced by Paul McCartney, who also plays guitar.

26. Penina (Carlos Mendes) (07/18/69)

27. Come And Get It (Badfinger) (12/05/69)

That's it for now. Good luck in finding these! It's a shame they haven't all been collected together on one CD...or at least one non-bootleg CD.

Take care Beatle-people!


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