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1. A Hairy Story
was radically different from the style most Liverpool youngsters and group members sported. Then, when Brian Epstein took them over, I noticed that not only did he spruce them up

2. Beatles Myths
sell for significantly more these days than what John mentions in the clip.) Beatles Manager Brian Epstein Committed Suicide Recently the American cable TV network A&E released information in connection

3. Beatles Records Covers
Boy)/And I Love Her. Another favorite of the Liverpool mersey beat fans, the Fourmost was Brian Epstein's sixth group, signed in June 1963. Their first hit was the Lennon and

4. Beatles Records Covers
before the Beatles, he nevertheless owes his success to them. It was the Beatles' manager, Brian Epstein, who brought Billy J. and his group The Dakotas, at that time called

5. Brian Epstein Portfolio
The manager of The Beatles, Brian Samuel Epstein was born to Harry and Malka Epstein on September 19, 1934. His father called his mother "Queenie" because Malka is the hebrew

6. Derek Taylor Portfolio
is as good as a rejuvenating drug for the jaded adult." He also later interviewed Brian Epstein, and besides covering Beatles concerts, he was ghost-writer for a regular column which

7. Fab Four Fan Fotos
1967 after a Chuck Berry concert at the Seville Theater in London. At the time Brian Epstein used the Seville as a venue to promote his musical acts. On my

8. George Martin Portfolio
a group like that in mind when George Martin consented to that first meeting with Brian Epstein and his demo tape of the Beatles. Although he wasn't initially impressed with

9. Jimmie Nicol Portfolio
want Ringo to be replaced and refused to go on the tour without him, but Brian Epstein and George Martin convinced him. Paul McCartney thought he was okay for the

10. Pete Best Portfolio
the other tracks recorded with Tony Sheridan for Bert Kaempfert in Germany. In November 1961, Brian Epstein became the Beatles' manager, and in April, 1962, Brian succeeded in getting them

11. The Beatles and Mersey Beat
NEMS in Whitechapel I asked to see the manager and a dapper young man called Brian Epstein came down the stairs from his office. I showed him the publication, explained

12. The Dark Side of Beatlemania
at a press conference in New York, to try and head off the growing controversy, Brian Epstein told reporters, "The quote which John Lennon made to a London columnist has

13. The Story Behind The Beatles on Ed Sullivan
for concerts at New York's prestigious Carnegie Hall. Although some accounts stat that Bernstein called Brian several months before Sullivan booked The Beatles, this is not correct. In a 1964

14. The Story Behind The Beatles on Ed Sullivan
talent coordinator. Prichard became good friends with Sullivan and Babb. He also knew Beatles manager Brian Epstein, who sometimes called him for advice. During the summer of 1963, Prichard took

15. Turn Left At Greenland
Or How The Beatles Came To America
happened? He sees a promotion man named Bud, who says he's a-just begin a-working for Brian Epstein, the manager of the Beatles." "Well Sid, he puts in a call to

16. When Pete was the Most Popular Beatle
1961, devoted its entire front page to the story of the Beatles' Hamburg recording and Brian Epstein ordered 144 copies of that particular issue. When Bob Wooler wrote his report

17. When Pete was the Most Popular Beatle
Page 3 (Previous Page | Next Page) When Pete rejoined Neil downstairs from Brian's office he told him the news that he had been sacked from the Beatles and the

18. When Pete was the Most Popular Beatle
arrived for Pete: "Congratulations. Many happy returns. All the best, John, Paul, George, Ringo and Brian." Epstein probably sent this as the relationship between Pete and his former colleagues was

19. With the Beatles in India
after only one day at the retreat, they learned of the death of their manager, Brian Epstein, and returned to London. When the Maharishi returned to the city they continued

20. With the Beatles in India
in Liverpool when the Beatles played there. He was hired in 1963 by their manager, Brian Epstein, to be one of their 'roadies'. Now, he was a personal assistant to

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