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Beatles Recordings Reference Library

These are informational and reference articles about the recordings of the Beatles archived over the years from the pages of the newsgroup. Most of these articles are not available at other Beatles sites.

Also see the Beatles Reference Library for Beatles history-related articles.

4 Track Tapes - History and complete list of all the short-lived pre-recorded 4-Track Beatles tapes made in the U.S.

78 RPM Records - Several articles about the rare Beatles 78s that were made by EMI in India in the sixties.

8 Track Tapes - History and complete list of all the very popular but now obsolete pre-recorded 8-Track Beatles tapes made in the U.S.

Abbey Road Japanese CD - Two articles with details about the now rare, very first ever official Beatles CD.

Anna - An article about the VeeJay single Anna (Go To Him), possibly the rarest Beatles 45.

Apple By The Numbers - A Chronological list of every 45 released in the US on the Apple lable.

Artifacts - A track by track listing of the three Artifacts CD sets.

The Beatles at the Beeb - An article from Audio Media magazine about the making of The Beatles Live At The BBC.

The Beatles on CD - The quick answer from Allan Kozinn to why it took so long for the Beatles to come out on CD.

BBC Box Set by Great Dane - A track by track list of The Complete BBC Sessions made by Great Dane in Italy, including rough estimates of the sound quality of each track, and including all known BBC performances, even ones not on the Great Dane Set.

Before Capitol - The history of Beatles records in the U.S. on the Vee Jay, Swan and Tollie labels.

The Butcher Cover - An article posted by Saki talks about the real background of the Yesterday and Today "Butcher Cover".

Capitol Records - The history and details of Beatles records in the U.S. on the Capitol label.

Cassette Tapes - History and complete list of all the pre-recorded Beatles cassettes made in the U.S.

CHOBA B CCCP - A detailed list of the many physical variations of Paul's live CHOBA B CCCP albums made in the USSR, and by the way, how do you pronounce CHOBA B CCCP?

The Decca Tapes - Where did the recordings popularly known as "The Decca Tapes" really come from? This article attempts to find out.

Die Beatles - The German lyrics and their English translations of the two songs the Beatles recorded for their German fans.

Free As A Bird - An article in which Paul describes some details in the making of Free As A Bird.

Free As A Bird Clues - A listing of all the Beatles references, definite and maybe, contained in the Free As A Bird video.

Go To The Source - A detailed list of all of the origins of the songs the Beatles covered during their career, including all the covers they performed for the BBC.

Hamburg Tapes - The story of the recent fight over the Beatles tapes made at the Star Club in Hamburg.

Hey! Bungalow Bill! - An article about the derivation of the spanish guitar intro that preceeds Bungalow Bill on the White Album.

History of Bootlegs - The story of the origin of Beatles bootleg LPs that came out in the seventies. Also see The Beatles and Bootlegs.

Introducing The Beatles - Everything you've always wanted to know about the first American Beatles LP (but were afraid to ask...) Probably the most counterfeited Beatles LP ever, this tells you how to know if you have an original.

It Don't Come Easy - A detailed article describing the making of Ringo's song It Don't Come Easy.

Let It Be - Another heavily counterfeited LP in the late sixties, this article compares a legitimate and a counterfeit Let It Be LP.

A List Of Lists - An article containing five lists of which Beatle did what on which Beatles song.

Lost Formats - This article describes the Beatles recordings that were made on Playtapes and Pocket Discs, two recording mediums that today are more obsolete than even 4 tracks and 8 tracks.

The Lost Ringo Album - An in-depth article on the album that Ringo recorded in 1970 but has never been released.

Picture Sleeves - A chronological history of all of the Beatles Picture Sleeves made in the US and UK.

Reel-To-Reel Tapes - History and complete list of all the pre-recorded Beatles reel-to-reel tapes made in the U.S.

Revolution No. 9 - An article about Revolution Number 9 on the White Album, including interviews with John and analyis showing how the track is autobiographical.

Tape Oddities - A list of reel to reel, 8 track and cassette tapes made in the US that were different from their vinyl counterparts.

What Color Is Your 45? - A description of all of the recently released colored Beatles singles from Capitol.

Yellow Dog CDs - The complete list of all the Yellow Dog Collector's CDs as of July, 1994.

Yesterday - Saki collects all the facts that we know about how the song Yesterday came to be, and an article with the original "Scrambled Eggs" lyrics.

This page last updated April 6, 1999.

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