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Reference Library: Beatles Tape Oddities

From: (TV's Big Dealer)
Subject: tapes
Date: 16 Jun 1994 17:27:10 GMT

The following is a list of Beatles tapes which contain something extra or special. Each of the tapes is a standard Capitol, Apple, or UA issue.


8X2T 2521 Meet the Beatles/Early Beatles (1966) standard selections, but 2 LPs

8XT 2648 Yesterday and Today/Beatles VI (1967) all Y&T songs are true stereo.

8XT 2653 Sgt. Pepper's (1967) extended "Sgt. Pepper Reprise"

8XT 2080 Second Album (1967) + "And I Love Her"

8XT 2108 Something New (1967) + "Thank You Girl"

8XW 153 Yellow Submarine (1969) no record company logo. + "Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds"

8X3T 362 Beatles Deluxe Three Pack (1969) contains 3 eight tracks. available on cassette also.

8XT 383 Abbey Road (1969) first issues list "Her Majesty" as "Her Majesty segment from The End"

8XT 2309 Early Beatles + "Roll Over Beethoven"

8XT 2358 Beatles VI + "I'm a Loser"

UA U 3006 Hard Day's Night extended title song


4CL 153 Yellow Submarine (1969) + "Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds"

"INTERESTING" Beatles Reel Tapes

Z2 2047 Meet the Beatles (5") one of only 2 issued in mono

Z4 2047 Meet the Beatle (5") stereo issue of the above

Note: as far as I have been able to ascertain, the above RTR is the only one that Capitol made available in both mono and stereo--at least in the 1960's.

UA MUA 3366 Hard Day's Night mono issue one of only 2 issued in mono

Y2T 2365 Beatles '65/Early Beatles (1965) two albums on one tape

Y2T 2382 Beatles VI/Something New (1965) Something New was not reissued into the later format.

Y2T 2467 Rubber Soul/Second Album (1966) two albums

YT 2553 Yesterday and Today (5") (1966) 1st appearance of all the songs in stereo

L101 & L2101 The Beatles (2nd issue) (late 1969) contains edited versions of 6 songs


8X3T 358 Beatles Deluxe 3 Pack (1969) contains 3 albums in a 12" box. These were new to cassette at the time, which Capitol first began to employ in 1968.

4XT 383 Abbey Road (1969) "Her Majesty" not listed on cover or label of 1st issue.

UA U 6006 Hard Day's Night (1969?) extended version of title song, as with 8 track. Note: this version appears in the film.

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