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Beatles Records Oddities

These are a few records that I've found in my travels as a Beatles record collector that would make even a seasoned Beatles collector to do a double-take and say "What the heck is THAT?!"


This record in this form is unusual to most American Beatles fans.

The first Beatles song to appear on the yellow and orange Capitol "swirl" label was "I Want To Hold Your Hand" in 1964. Beatles fans in the US are used to seeing "She Loves You" on the black Swan label. As a matter of fact, "She Loves You" never appeared on a Capitol 45 in the US until 1992.

So what the heck is this?

This is the rare Canadian Capitol pressing of "She Loves You". Capitol of Canada issued all of the Beatles records that Capitol in the USA turned down in 1963, including "Love Me Do", "Please Please Me" and "From Me To You", which were released in the US on the Vee Jay and Tollie labels.

I found this 45 in a used record store in Burbank, CA.

The trail-off area contains no markings other than the ESR catalog number and the title of the song. The recordings on the record are the standard mono mixes of the songs.

There are also some interesting anomalies on the labels: "Oh Darling" is missing its exclamation point, "Anna" is usually listed as "Anna (Go To Him)", publishing credit is not listed on either side, and last but not least,"Anna" is not by Lennon/McCartney!

The owner of the store where we bought this thinks it was bootlegged by a company to be used in Juke Boxes. But I don't know for sure what the heck this is!

Several Beatles EPs were issued in the UK, and three were issued in the US, two by Capitol, and one on Vee Jay records.

This EP isn't any of those, however.

This unauthorized Beatles EP was made obviously somewhere other than the US, because of the emphasis on the label of "American Recordings" and the halting english in the EP's title "Song Of Beatles".

The tracks on the record sound exactly like the released mono mixes of the songs, and there are no interesting indentifying marks in the trail-off area of the record other than the marking "TK-125-A" on side 1 and "TK-125-B" on side 2.

The country of origin of this record is unknown, and also whether it was made for retail sale or for some other use, like in Juke Boxes. So, we still don't know what the heck this is...

This mystery is now solved. Another collector reports these records are from Thailand. There was at least one other record in this series, TK-270 contained Birthday, Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me and My Monkey, Back In The USSR and Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da.

This page was created June 24, 2000.
This page was updated September 4, 2001.

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