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Reference Library: John And Brian

From: (MPang)
Subject: Re: Beatles = Gay Liberation (MAY P?)
Date: 15 Mar 1995 15:10:04 -0500

Others wrote:

I don't mean to offend all you straight Beatlemaniacs out there - we all know the Beatles are straight (only John had a brief fling with Brian Epstein, or so I've heard).


It's well documented that Brian was gay, and much speculated that his prediliction to young men was the driving force behind his becoming The Beatles' manager, but whether the "Relationship" was ever more than that is unknown. John and Brian did go to Spain together one summer, but when someone, at one of Paul's birthday parties, accused John of what many were assuming happened, a fistfight broke out. I have read some rather lurid details attributed to John in which Brian finally made "The pass" and John capitulated, only to have Brian reject him, but I can't recall the source, nor was I impressed with its' accuracy at the time I read it. Since neither of them is alive any more, whether it happened or not will always be confined to the realm of speculation. I guess it's a matter of personal beliefs.


May - do you think you could clear this controversy up for us? Thanks!

John and I had heart to heart talks about many different subjects but let me make it clear that he loved women foremost. John loved to flirt with people whether they were women or men. HIs flirting with men has been mistaken for being homosexual or bi-sexual. He enjoyed the excitement of gossip by people and played up to it. Whether or not John had this so called "affair" with Brian, he would rather let you think that he had done so than correct the situation. John had many gay friends and was not uptight about it.

I've been in a situation when John thought that a guy was about to REALLY hit on him, he became very nervous and ran in the other direction.

I have had no doubts about John's sexuality and his preference for the female population.

May Pang

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