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21. Anthology Home Video
16:14 Neil Aspinall becomes roadie 8 16:35 The Cavern 17:41 Kansas City, live (from Cavern?), Brian Epstein, new suits 20:54 Decca audition tapes (Cha Cha Boom!) 22:12 Brian secures audition

22. Anthology on American TV
footage is B&W-ized(!) Exit Stu Shadows footage Enter Neil Aspinall Kansas City (Granada Cavern) Enter Brian Epstein 3 Cool Cats / Sheik of Araby / Besame Mucho (Miscellaneous footage of

23. Beatles Artifacts
1968) 17. OB-LA-DI,OB-LA-DA (EMI Take 5/July 5, 1968) 18. REVOLUTION (Alternate Mix/July 10, 1968) 19. BRIAN EPSTEIN BLUES (EMI?/July 19, 1968) 20. WHILE MY GUITAR GENTLY WEEPS (EMI Take 1/July

24. Beatles Before Capitol
Brothers, which caused some confusion to later Beatles fans. In January of 1962, Beatles manager Brian Epstein began negotiating with Polydor to release "My Bonnie" in England. Because of his

25. Beatles Live at the BBC
not to be confused with the television programme of the same name - hosted by Brian Matthew. This fitted onto two sides of a long playing disc and it featured

26. Beatles Reference Library
about the facts and chronology relating the period of time that the Beatles broke up. Brian Epstein - Two articles about Brian Epstein's life, and what Brian meant to the

27. Brian Epstein
From: (PTRobertson) Newsgroups: Subject: Brian Epstein Date: Sat, 15 Jun 1996 01:15:57 GMT On 11 Jun 1996 20:51:53 -0400, (Gurzeler) wrote: Brian was very doting and protective

28. Clues in Free As A Bird
gun and always took his mum.) 3:33 - Ringo at table near door 3:45 - Brian Epstein begins to put on his scarf 3:47 - Head of Stu Sutcliffe on

29. Drummer or Dweeb?
Weinberg takes him to task on it and the up shot is that he says Brian Epstein was the one who arranged it and also paid him off to keep

30. Fab Gear
I can remember off the top of my head about the origins of their instruments: Brian Epstein paid off their 'tab' with at least one music store when he became

31. Hours And Times
the Sundance Film Festival. It opens Wednesday July 29 at the Nuart Theatre. Beatles manager Brian Epstein had a fancy for John Lennon. According to all sources, it never went

32. Jimmy Speaks
was needed. I was actually making money as a drummer, something many were not doing... Brian called me and I went down to his office. I nearly shit in me

33. Joe Orton and the Lost Beatles Movie
gay and really that was all there was to it. It was quite simple, really. Brian was gay...and so he and the gay crowd could appreciate it. Now, it wasn't

34. John And Brian
- we all know the Beatles are straight (only John had a brief fling with Brian Epstein, or so I've heard). ------ It's well documented that Brian was gay, and

35. Number 9 Dream
From: (Brian9091) Newsgroups: Subject: #9 DREAM Date: 17 Dec 1998 07:02:04 GMT Here's the list of reoccurring 9's in the life of John Lennon from Ray Coleman's book

36. Raymond Jones
the Manchester Evening Standard from last November. Freeland journalist Bill McCoid interviewed Alistair Taylor, once Brian's personal assistant and one of the Fabs' "inner circle" (though bounced out by Allen

37. The Decca Tapes
Araby". Some source (that I can't find now) has suggested this could be a tape Brian Epstein compiled, and may include Decca session songs as well as others recorded at

38. The Ed Sullivan Show
Fabs' return from their Scandinavian conquest) that the Beatles were worth picking up. Then, when Brian Epstein independently contacted Ed during a business trip to New York in November 1963,

39. The Passing of Derek Taylor
with the group, ghosting a weekly column by George for the "Express," and then ghosting Brian Epstein's biography, "A Cellarful Of Noise." In April 1964, Derek became Brian Epstein's personal

40. What Killed Stu?
the first available flight to Hamburg. By chance, it was the same flight on which Brian Epstein and George Harrison were traveling to join the other Beatles. Brian gave her

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